Lamb’s liver and Chinese celery

This is an unplanned dish that turned out surprisingly well. On the weekend, Aubergine and I picked up some Chinese celery at the Vietnamese market in Malesice. The plan was to make Andrea Nguyen’s Beef and Chinese Celery dish later in the week.
Well, I didn’t like any of the beef in the neighborhood butchers’ today. One butcher, Pavlis, did have some of their amazingly good suckling pig. I got a length of loin but it wouldn’t go with Chinese celery at all. However, they also had some lamb, and they had some lamb’s liver.
Aubergine and I like liver occasionally and we both like lamb’s liver in particular, so I got a slab of it. Then I thought “Hey, this is pretty strongly flavored stuff. What if I made it in the usual way but put in that Chinese celery.” So that’s what I did, and it came out very nice indeed.
So, here’s what I did. I washed the Chinese celery, cut off the roots and cut the rest into 5cm/2in lengths, including leaves. I washed it in our salad spinner.
Then I made the liver as normal. I julienned an onion and fried it in a little peanut oil and dripping. In the meantime I cut the liver in half, salted and peppered it, and rolled it in a little flour. I banked the onion and added the liver. After browning the liver thoroughly, I poured in about a glass’ worth of a full-bodied Lebanese red wine, Cave Kouroum 7 Cepages. Then I mixed in the chopped Chinese celery and let the whole thing simmer and reduce.
I served it with a mash of rather nice French potatoes and carrot and followed it with a big salad of other interesting greens we got at the market. All washed down with the rest of the wine. Very good. No pictures, though, as it was not at all photogenic.


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