Lunch at Aromi

Aubergine and I had an amazing lunch at Aromi today. Sorry. no pics. But we started with their 65kc salad bar. Today they had grilled tomato, aubergine, and zucchini; mixed salad greens, including the expensive ones; pepper and squid salad; and tuna salad. The tuna salad was very simple: only tuna, vinaigrette, and sliced red onion. But it was the best tuna salad we’d ever had. Later we asked the waiter about it. Turns out they made the salad with freshly poached tuna. That would explain it.
We continued with the soup and main course lunch special. The soup was an unusual minestrone, with potato and a bit of cream in it. It was nice though not spectacular. The mains, however, were great. One was pan seared chicken breast with black chantarelles and mashed potatoes. The other was penne amatriciana. The chicken was tender and the chantarelles had been sauteed in a ton of butter. The dish was served very simply, with a bit of light cream sauce. There obviously was cream in the mashed potatoes, too. For those of you who know chantarelles, not much more need be said.
The penne managed to match the chicken and chantarelle dish, which is no mean feat. It’s hard to explain just why. The penne were perfectly al dente. The sauce was based on very fresh tomatoes with just a bit of bacon and parsley. The parsley was still bright green and the tomatoes were still chunky. It was very light for something with bacon in it.
Later, the waiter said that when patrons that day asked him which special was better, for once he really couldn’t answer them.
The very friendly waiter convinced us to try the chocolate truffle pie for dessert. We split one piece, and could have invited 2 more people to share it, it was so rich. Surprisingly, the truffle pie had a bit of black truffle in it. Probably made with truffled butter. It was insanely rich, yet the filling melted to almost nothing as soon as it was in your mouth. We figure cream, cocoa butter and butter are to account for this. It took us as long to eat that one piece of pie as it took for the rest of the meal. Different members of wait staff kept coming over and saying “Isn’t that the best pie you’ve ever had in your life?”
This was one of the best meals we had had for ages, even though it featured mainly the “cheap” daily lunch specials.


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43 year old American tech writer living in Prague. Eating, cooking, traveling, reading, and tabletop RPGs are my hobbies.
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