Veal and chanterelles

It is the season locally for both veal and chanterelles. (Before anyone gets upset, pen-enclosed, milk-fed “white” veal is quite beyond the agricultural infrastructure of this country. All the veal is “pink”, meaning the animal had no worse a life than any other cattle. And they have been moving away from barn-enclosed to grazed dairy cows and cattle for a while now. Also, pink veal is much cheaper.) Here are a couple of dishes I made recently.
First is leg of veal pot roast with a sauce of chanterelles sauteed in butter in shallots and thinned with demi glaze, pan juices, and a little cream. Served with mashed potatoes. I’m very pleased with how this came out.

Then for Aubergine’s birthday I got a veal tenderloin. I grilled it very rare…

…made a sauce from some chanterelles I’d already sauteed with shallots, fresh thyme, and butter along with white wine and demi glaze…

…and then finished the tenderloin in the oven, in the glass casserole with the sauce. Served with a mix of white rice and frikkah (frika? frikah?), which is a Middle Eastern thing of lightly smoked whole green wheat.

I know I served a green vegetable with both dishes but I can’t remember exactly what. :(.  I’m pretty sure there were some nice fresh green beans, blanched and then stir fried, involved at some point.


About Zucchini

43 year old American tech writer living in Prague. Eating, cooking, traveling, reading, and tabletop RPGs are my hobbies.
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