Jazz Dock

First, an apology for not posting in years! I’ve finally got access to the blog from my mobile phone, so I hope Aubergine and I will be posting more often.
Tonight we’re at Jazz Dock, listening to the 15th anniversary performance of Clarinet Factory. Last time we were here I thought the menu was a bit interesting but not worth the money. Today however the menu was very interesting. I ended up having the fennel and bryndza salad. Strips of fennel and Slovak sheep’s curd with apple slices and walnuts on a bed of spring lettuces, with a very light honey and orange dressing. The lettuce was perfectly fresh and the flavors were very well balanced, a rarity in Czech salads. The only letdown was the sunflower seed bread, which seemed a bit stale. However it was one of those “worthy” breads that start life fairly dry and joyless.
I had a Spring cocktail called an R’n’B, with cognac and rhubarb syrup. Also excellent, and certainly unusual.
We’ll have to find another concert that bypasses Aubergine’s dislike of most jazz, and give this place a proper review. With pictures. (Sorry, I was hungry.)


About Zucchini

43 year old American tech writer living in Prague. Eating, cooking, traveling, reading, and tabletop RPGs are my hobbies.
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  1. I know “Slovak sheep’s curd” is probably a lovely dairy product, but my mental image is that they somehow manage to curdle whole sheep.

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