Mackerel and sprue asparagus

Courtesy of the farmers’ market on Jiriho z Podebrad this morning, we enjoyed a light, fast, and delicious supper of grilled Adriatic mackerel and blanched sprue asparagus. I assume you don’t need the recipe.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to grill mackerel so half the skin doesn’t end up stuck to the grill? Oil the heck out of it?


About Zucchini

43 year old American tech writer living in Prague. Eating, cooking, traveling, reading, and tabletop RPGs are my hobbies.
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2 Responses to Mackerel and sprue asparagus

  1. tee2072 says:

    What is “Sprue” Asparagus?

    Oil it well, have the pan searing hot, don’t move it for a few minutes.

    • Jeffrey Rubinoff says:

      Sprue asparagus are the skinny trimmings off of young green asparagus. Drop them into boiling water and drain immediately, cover with a little salt and olive oil.

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